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Websites, Resource Kits, Books and Utilities

Windows XP - Microsoft Documentation

Windows Command Reference - Windows Server 2003/2008.

AppDeploy - Deploy/Install Applications

CommandLine - Batch File examples and Utilities

FP Schultze - Batch files

OldNewThing - Raymond Chen's weblog

Rob van der - Batch files, VBS - Manage Win XP updates without an internet connection.

Timo Salmi - FAQ's - Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips (tscmd) - Alternate Data Streams in NTFS

Steve Hardy - NT/2K command line scripting

Rick Lively - Commands for every version of Windows and DOS

List of TCP and UDP port numbers

Resource Kits + updates

Many resource kit tools and utilities will run successfully on earlier versions of Windows. However Active Directory and NTFS have changed significantly over the years so I recommended you only use the tools supported for your platform.

Windows 7 Resource Kit

By Tony Northrup & Jerry Honeycutt

1,700 pages, Deploy, Manage, Maintain and Troubleshoot. Example VBS and PowerShell scripts, sample chapter (PDF.)

Windows 7 Remote Server Administration Tools - Free Download (also: Active Directory Domain Services Tools)

Windows 7 Home > Professional upgrade - Allows Win XP applications to run.

Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit - April 2008

By Microsoft Corp

4,000 pages + DVD with more than 200 essential tools and scripts.

Windows Vista Resource Kit - April 2007

By Microsoft Corp

Technical Documentation for Windows Vista

Windows XP Resource Kit (3rd edition XP/Sp2, March 2005)

By Microsoft Corp

Technical Documentation plus the essential Tools and Utilities for administering both Windows XP and 2003 Server

Windows 2003 Resource Kit (July 2005)

By Microsoft Corp

Full seven volume documentation set, Tools and Utilities plus searchable e-books.

Contains: Windows Internals, Group Policy guide, Security Resource Kit, Performance Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, Registry Guide, Administrator's Automation Toolkit.

The resource kit tools for XP and 2003 are also available as a free download: Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools - New tools in the download include some neat group policy tools and an updated RoboCopy.

Windows 2003 Administration Tools - Remotely manage computers

Windows XP SP2 Support Tools - Support Tools can be found on the Windows install CD

Uninstall any existing support tools before installing the update above. This will update bitsadmin.exe, extract.exe, httpcfg.exe, iadstools.dll, ipseccmd.exe, netdom.exe, replmon.exe

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools, free download.

NT 4.0 ResKit + Update + Q234968 for errata.

Other Toolkits:

Group Policy Management Console SP1 & Group Policy Object Settings spreadsheet

XP Power Toys and Tweak UI - add fun and functionality to Windows (unsupported)

Account Lockout and Management Tools - Troubleshoot account lockouts, add functionality to Active Directory.

Also see - Recommended VBS/WSH Books

Utilities (mostly Open Source or freeware)

cmd - SysInternals - Microsoft System utilities.

PowerShell - Microsoft's next generation shell for XP, 2003 and Vista.

cmd - - Admin, AD and Exchange tools.

cmd - Nirsoft Utilities

cmd - Bamboo Software - Scheduled Tasks and other command line utils.

cmd - - Useful tools (free Win32 utilities - mostly console)

cmd - Frank P. Westlake (mirror) - Free NT, XP and Vista console utilities.

cmd - Alexander Frink - NT Security Utils, Logoff, Change password

cmd - OptimumX - Utilities by Marty List

cmd - Bill Stewart - Batch script and Windows admin tools

cmd - System Tools - Dump Event Log, Registry or Security info

cmd - Quitter - Twitter client for the command line

Cygwin - Linux-like environment for Windows, tutorial: 1, 2, 3

unxutils - Port of unix utilities to run under the CMD shell

GUI utilities:

Agent Ransack - File Search (search all file types)

AnalogX - Screen capture, Terminal Server copy, etc

Autohotkey - Automate keystrokes, mouse clicks.

AutoIT - GUI scripting

CPU-Z - gather information on system devices

OCS Inventory - Open Source System Management

Filezilla - FTP

Find And Replace Text - Grep-like utility by Lionello Lunesu

Flash uninstall - To allow a full 'clean' reinstall

FlashBlock - Content-filtering extension for Firefox

Inkscape - Vector Graphics (Illustrator)

Lost NT password

nLite - pre-installation Windows configuration

NTFS undelete - undelete files

nu2/Barts Bootable CDs - Admin/Recovery

Trinity Rescue Kit - Recovery and repair of Windows machines

Microsoft Application Compatibility and User Account Control (UAC)

Netikus - Password, Ping, FTP, event log alerts.

Poor Mans SMS - scan a pre defined IP range and list installed software

Sumatra - PDF viewer

SyncBack - GUI Backup and synchronize files

UnDelete - Diskeeper

USB install for Windows 7 - Copy iso images to a bootable USB stick

WinMerge - open source WinDiff

Vista Codec Package (VCP) - play any media file

VMWare - Free

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 - Free

Microsoft Steady State - Free - Lock down Windows XP/Vista, for shared computers