net start


The NET Command is used to manage services as follows:

Syntax NET START [service] NET STOP [service] NET PAUSE [service] NET CONTINUE [service] Key service : The service name as shown in Control Panel, Services

To list the basic Services:


To list the running Services:


If you try to start a service that is already running you will get this error message:

"The requested service has already been started. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2182"

You can redirect and FIND this type of error as follows:

NET START alerter 2>&1|FIND "2182"

IF errorlevel 1 goto :sub_already_started


NET - Manage network resources

MODE - Configure a system device

SC - Service Control

PsService - View and control services

WMIC SERVICE - WMI access to services.

List of Windows Services


Get-Service - Get a list of services

New-Service - Create a new service

Restart-Service - Stop and then restart a service

Resume-Service - Resume a suspended service

Set-Service - Change the start mode/properties of a service

Start-Service - Start a stopped service

Stop-Service - Stop a running service

Equivalent bash command (Linux): start-stop-daemon - start and stop system daemon programs