Check the NTFS file system with CHKDSK

Syntax CHKNTFS drive: [...] CHKNTFS /C drive: [...] CHKNTFS /X drive: [...] CHKNTFS /t[:Time] CHKNTFS /D Key drive : Specifies a drive letter.

/C : Check - schedules chkdsk to be run at the next reboot.

/X : Exclude a drive from the default boot-time check. Excluded drives are not accumulated between command invocations. /T : Change the Autochk.exe initiation countdown time (time in seconds) If you don't specify Time: displays the current countdown time.

/D : Restore the machine to the default behavior; all drives are

checked at boot time and chkdsk is run on those that are dirty. This undoes the effect of the /X option.

If no switches are specified, CHKNTFS will display the status of the dirty bit for each drive.

/T option is new in Win XP

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