BROWSTAT.exe (Resource Kit)

Get domain, browser and PDC info.

Syntax BROWSTAT sta : Status Displays Transport,Primary DNS and Backup DNS servers. BROWSTAT sta -v domain : Status Display (Verbose) includes Server OS and active browsers. BROWSTAT gp Transport Domain : List the PDC name (using NetBIOS) BROWSTAT gm Transport Domain : List the remote Master Browser name (using NetBIOS) BROWSTAT gb Transport : List of backup DNS Servers BROWSTAT wfw : List WFW servers that are running browser. BROWSTAT sts \\ServerName : Dump browser statistics BROWSTAT TICKLE : Force remote master to stop. BROWSTAT ELECT : Force election on remote domain The VIEW options below can enumerate all the server services running across a server or domain: BROWSTAT vw Transport BROWSTAT vw Transport ‹domain› BROWSTAT vw Transport \\Server BROWSTAT vw Transport \\‹Server› /DOMAIN ‹DomainToQuery› In the list displays, the following flags are used: W = Workstation NT = Windows NT S = Server W95 = Windows95 SQL = SQLServer WFW = WindowsForWorkgroups SS = StandardServer MFPN= MS Netware PDC = PrimaryDomainController NV = Novell BDC = BackupDomainController XN = Xenix TS=TimeSource MBC=MemberServer PQ=PrintServer DL=DialinServer AFP=AFPServer OSF=OSFServer VMS=VMSServer PBR=PotentialBrowser BBR=BackupBrowser, MBR=MasterBrowser DMB=DomainMasterBrowser DFS=DistributedFileSystem

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