DrayTek Vigor 120

The DrayTek Vigor120 is an ADSL2/2+ modem with an Ethernet connection. The DrayTek Vigor120 supports PPPoE / PPPoA relay (PPPoA to PPPoE bridging) and the firewall, router or PC all can log into the Internet (your ISP) directly, having complete control over the ADSL connection. Therefore it is possible to connect a PPPoE client to the Vigor120 (firewall, Ethernet-WAN router, Apple Airpor or PC) even if the connection to your ISP is still PPPoA (unlike other-brand modems which only offers PPPoE native bridging). This unique feature is very convenient for PPPoA-based ISPs.

Firewall Application To secure your network, the Vigor120 provides an advanced firewall with advanced features, such as NAT with multi VPN pass-through. SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), to offer network reliability by detecting and prohibiting malicious penetrating packets or DoS attacks, user-configurable web filtering for parental control against network abuse etc.