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LOGEVENT (Resource kit)

Write text to the event log (event viewer)

      logevent [-m \\MachineName] [options] "Event Text"
  -s Severity   one of 
  -c Category   A Number between 0 and 65536
                This can be used to Filter the event log view
                (default = "none")

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EVENTCREATE Add a custom message to the Windows event log
EVENTQUERY - Read an event log message
EVENTTRIGGERS - Display and configure Event Triggers
NET SEND - Manage network resources (Popup message)
Powershell: Get-Eventlog - Get / write eventlog data
WshShell.LogEvent - Log an item in the Event log
WMIC NTEVENTLOG - WMI access to the event log
Q131008 - Use eventlog from a batch file