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Add a group to active directory.

      DSADD Group GroupDN [-secgrp {yes | no}] [-scope {l | g | u}] [-samid SAMName]
         [-desc Description] [-memberof Group ...] [-members Member ...]
            [{-s Server | -d Domain}] [-u UserName] [-p {Password | *}]
               [-q] [{-uc | -uco | -uci}]
   Group_DN  Distinguished name of the group that you want to add.
             If omitted will be taken from standard input (stdin)
   -secgrp   A security group (yes) or a distribution group (no) default=Yes.
   -scope    Domain local (l), global (g), or universal (u) default=g.
   SAMName   Unique SAM account name for this group
             (By default, the dn attribute from the GroupDN.)
   -memberof Add this new group to other groups.
   -members  Members to add to this new group. 
   -s Server Connect to a remote server/domain, default=%logonserver% domain controller.
   -q        Quiet, suppress all output
   -uc       Unicode format
   -uco      Unicode format for output only
   -uci      Unicode format for input only

DS* commands are available on networked machines with the server role A.D. Domain Services installed, Domain Controllers (or for XP users: XP Professional).


C:\> dsadd group cn=Beatles,cn=Musicians,dc=ss64,dc=com

C:\> dsadd group "cn=Rolling Stones,cn=Musicians,dc=ss64,dc=com"

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